WHAT A GAME IT WAS for the 12th Man/Woman of Seattle.

43 to 8.  A blowout!!!  The whole team played so well.  Love this team, from the coaches to every player.  They believed in themselves, and they kept their eye on the prize, and the Lombardi trophy will be home in Seattle.  The whole state is celebrating.  There will be a parade in Seattle on Wednesday.  This is something we’ve waited for many years, my friends.

For us, personally, this day marked the 5th anniversary of losing our Kim.  She was such a Seahawks fan.  She believed in them every year, even when they were losing more than winning.  She passed away wearing her Seahawks jersey.  We know that she was watching from Heaven today and contributed to the win, in her own way.  An angel on our side.  And now the Seahawks have given my family something to smile about on this day, since this win would have thrilled Kim as much as it has all of her loved ones.

Go Seahawks.  WIN SEAHAWKS.

And they did.  Boy, how they did.

Congratulations, Fellas.  This 12 is so proud of you.




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