Happy New Year!!!  2013 gave me a lot of wonderful moments.  The sale of my Big Sky Pie series, the release of two of the books in that series, DELECTABLE in September and DELICIOUS in December.  This was such an exciting time for me.  I hadn’t had any books released in a few years due to the illness and eventual loss of our eldest child.  It was a pretty tough time, but Kim wanted me to keep writing and so, when I could think again, I did just that.  I could feel her spirit with me at low points and with me cheering for the eventual sale of two series.

My husband had a few health issues, but came through still going strong.  Thank God.  But the end of 2013 dished up some awful sadness and a health scare for me.  Our beloved sister-in-law passed away unexpectedly from a long time illness that wasn’t diagnosed until the last few weeks of her life.  And then, immediately, I was having my own health scare that hung over us all through Christmas and New Year’s.  But I was lucky.  I’m not ill.  It was just a very scary scare.

And now, I’m looking forward to this year, knowing I need to take better care of myself, since this writing schedule has seen me sitting too much and eating whatever is at hand, and not getting up and moving about nearly enough.  I look like I’ve happily consumed at least one whole pie daily, of every flavor ever created in Molly McCoy’s Big Sky Pie shop.

Did you know that the characters in the Big Sky Pie series are Seattle Seahawks fans?  Yes, they are.  Just like me.  I’m a totally crazed, louder, screaming 12th Man/Woman Seahawks fan.  That’s my team.  I’m not into basketball, or baseball, or soccer, or hockey, but I can’t wait for football season.  Not sure how the playoffs will play out.  Not sure if my Seahawks will end up going to the Super Bowl.  But this is a great team, an exciting team, and they are giving me something to smile about right now as I deal with the loss of my SIL and deadlines still coming fast and furious.


I wish you a new year full of things that make your heart happy.  Like books.  And a GREAT football team.  GO SEAHAWKS!!!






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