Meet Adrianne

“Whenever I write a particularly suspenseful scene, I smile for days.” Insert: Wicked laughter.

AdrianneLeeDear Readers,

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart since those good old rock and roll days when Elvis was The King and The Beatles were galloping over the horizon. We live on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. The Olympic mountains range is the eye candy I view whenever I head toward town.

My adopted cat, Spooky, is usually curled up near me as I create my stories these days, while the other rescued kitty, Fuzzy is either outside, stalking Spooky, or sleeping on my hubby.

My career as a writer started in junior high school in the form of poetic rhymes and continued to my senior year, when I contemplated writing a book, dreaming up characters disturbingly reminiscent of my classmates. But other than a few notes, the book never left the planning stage. I had a discouraging experience in a creative writing course I was taking at the time and being a sensitive teenage girl, well, suffice it to say, I didn’t attempt writing stories again for twenty years. I restarted my writing career by taking a community college writing 101 course. The teacher was wonderfully encouraging, and luckily for me, I met my first critique group in that class. At the time, I was writing Mysteries and the others in my new critique group were all writing Romance. Since I’ve always been a romantic at heart, I ended up adding romance to my mysteries.

Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

Or as one of the characters in my new series likes to say, “Sex and Murder!”

I call my Romantic/Suspense and Mysteries “Sexy Whodunits.” Romantic Times calls my Contemporary Romances “HOT!!!”

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Happy Reading,