Launch Party!

Welcome, welcome to my newly updated webpage!!!

Since I’m now writing Contemporary Romance as well as Romantic Suspense, the old site wasn’t keeping up with me.  It was originally geared to what I thought I’d be writing when my webmistress developed the concept.  That was a cozy mysteries.  I wanted the site to reflect the Jack B Smart mystery series I was writing.  Book #1 in that series, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, introduces you to my heroine, Jack B Smart, a struggling mystery writer who ends up in an actual murder mystery that only she can solve. This whodunit is packed with humor and suspense.

I was just starting chapter 4 of Jack B Smart #2, THE SKINNY ON JACK B, a story based about how not to diet, while avoiding murder, and also packed with humor and suspense, when I sold six other books.  Two different contemporary romance series.  The deadlines for the new series are really close and have kept me too busy this past year to get back into the mystery series.  But one day soon, I promise, to have a second Jack B Smart book on the shelves.

The first of the new contemporary romance series takes place in Molly McCoy’s pie shop, Big Sky Pie, in Kalispell, Montana, a town near Glacier National Park.  I have long had a love affair with Montana.  The state is simply gorgeous, the air so clean it will make you high, sexy cowboys everywhere, and some of the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet.  Add in a variety of fresh-from-the-oven pies and that’s a recipe for a scrumptious read.

Meanwhile, DELECTABLE, book #1 of the Big Sky Pie novels released in e-book format this past Sept, and DELICIOUS, book #2 will release in Dec.  These will both be available in paperback this coming summer.  I’ve just finished DELIGHTFUL #3 and am starting DELECTABLE #4.   I’ll have more to share another time on the second new series, but will tell you it’s about weddings.

Please peruse the new site and let me know what you think.

And come back often to keep up with me.

12 thoughts on “Launch Party!

  1. Good luck Adrianne! I am looking forward to reading these. As a fan of your romantic suspense books I know you are a good writer, and I am sure these new books will be just as great! My mom was in the hospital and now rehab (she fell and fractured some bones) so my reading time these last three weeks has been limited while I run down to visit her. I hope to get back to reading more soon…looking forward to your new books!

  2. Caron Tweet says:

    As you know, if you wrote a phone book I’d read it. I love your work!! Old and new. And while I adored the new series I can’t wait for another Jack book! I’ve always believed in you and I always will, so you write it, I’ll read it! And the site is wonderful!!!

  3. The new look on your website looks great! I also like your photo image off to the right. My daughter is a photographer and we love taking mirror shots – very nice! Wishing you huge success with your new series!

  4. Kim Fisk says:

    Love the updated website!! And love the new cover for Delicious and the GREAT tag line underneath!! Wishing you all the very best! You deserve it and so much more!!


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