New Release book 2
New in paperback books 1 & 2
jack b smart humorous cozy mystery series
You Don’t Know Jack
The Skinny On Jack

Jacqueline Bouviér Smart, aka Jack B to friends and family, is an aspiring mystery writer and part time amateur sleuth who has sworn off men and murder.  But then her ex gets murdered and she accidentally gets her best friend arrested for the crime.     1 ghost, 2 sexy brothers, and 3 gun-totin’ grannies to help find the real killer.  What could possibly go wrong?  (Book #1)

Inheriting shares in a weight loss company over the holidays should be a good thing, right?  Not something that leads to bombs going off and your car getting blown up.  Right? Jack B doesn’t think so. Nor does she trust on again, off again beau, Seattle Police Detective Stone Maddox to catch the culprits.  (Book#2)

When she starts to investigate, she discovers more might be disappearing at the weight loss clinic than pounds.  The owner has been missing for a few months.  Before she can figure out what’s going on, her counselor dies. Then Stone gets involved, and his brother Duke, and three gun-totin’ grannies, and even her deceased ex-husband. Before Jack B knows what hit her, she’s up to her favorite hoop earrings in men and murder. Again.


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