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Jacqueline Bouviér Smart, aka Jack B to friends and family, is an aspiring mystery writer and part time amateur sleuth who has sworn off men and murder.  But then her ex gets murdered and she accidentally gets her best friend arrested for the crime.     1 ghost, 2 sexy brothers, and 3 gun-totin’ grannies to help find the real killer.  What could possibly go wrong?  (Book #1)

Inheriting shares in a weight loss company over the holidays should be a good thing, right?  Not something that leads to bombs going off and your car getting blown up.  Right? Jack B doesn’t think so. Nor does she trust on again, off again beau, Seattle Police Detective Stone Maddox to catch the culprits.  (Book#2)

When she starts to investigate, she discovers more might be disappearing at the weight loss clinic than pounds.  The owner has been missing for a few months.  Before she can figure out what’s going on, her counselor dies. Then Stone gets involved, and his brother Duke, and three gun-totin’ grannies, and even her deceased ex-husband. Before Jack B knows what hit her, she’s up to her favorite hoop earrings in men and murder. Again.




For twelve long years, April Farraday has struggled to recall what happened the night of her mother’s fatal fall down a flight of stairs. Did she push her mother to her death? If she is ever to be free to spend her life with the man she loves, April must return to scene of the crime and confront her forgotten past.

But there are those at Calendar House who also fear the return of April’s memory, including the man she loves, and they will do anything to keep the truth from coming out. Even if that means committing another murder.   An isolated island, a remote mansion, dangerous cliffs, secrets, lies, and a lurking killer.  Can April regain her memory before the killer strikes again?

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            A hundred years ago, a tiny town on the Puget Sound attracted a passel of bachelors    desperate  to marry. Thanks to the miracle of mail order, they did, and Weddingville was born.    Hollywood  costumer Daryl Anne Blessing knows that story all too well, and she hasn’t missed  it, or much  else about her hometown—except for hunky photographer Seth Quinlan. Now Daryl  Anne  returns to Weddingville only to see her best friend say I do . . . until a whole lot of  something    hits the fan—and it’s not rice.

As the maid of honor, Daryl Anne must keep the bride calm, no matter what. But last time  she checked, “what” didn’t include the bride’s estranged mother turning up, scandalizing the      locals―and getting herself murdered. Nor did it include digging for clues with Seth, while trying  to remember exactly why she left him behind. It’s quite a juggling act, even for a seasoned  multi-tasker like Daryl Anne. She soon attracts lusty glances from Seth—and the attention of a    killer who’s determined to take this town out of business . . .

A WEDDING TO DIE FOR, Book #1 in my brand new WEDDINGVILLE series, is a cozy mystery chock full of romance and humor with a whodunit at its center. While Daryl Anne Blessing is falling for a secret teenage crush, her best friend’s hopes for a happy marriage are falling apart right in front of her eyes. But a killer is only interested in keeping secrets secret.  Even if that means the bride and maid of honor must die.

The awesome news is that the eBook  will be priced at only $1.99 for the whole month of May.  CELEBRATE with me.







DELIGHTFUL, Big Sky Pie # 3   Release Day in Mass Market Paperback.

Ice Erikksen has “one-night stand” written all over him. Once he’s finished shooting the Big Sky Pie reality show, this hot-as-hell TV producer is going to hightail it out of Montana and return to his glamorous life in L.A. But Ice gets into hot water when one of the goodies in the pie shop-a delightful blonde with marriage on her mind-burns up the camera lens.

My inspiration for Ice Erikksen:


What can I say?  It’s those eyes, that mouth, that I don’t give a damn swagger.


DELIGHTFUL is Big Sky Pie’s manager, Andrea Lovette’s story.  Andrea, single and hating it, always falls for bad boys. But after her divorce, she’s determined to find the good family man that her two young sons deserve, whether she loves him or not. Then Ice Erikksen walks into the pie shop and Andrea knows she’s in trouble.  Her body sizzles whenever he is near.  She knows he’s only going to break her heart, but she can’t resist the lure of a sexy man who knows his way around a woman’s body, even if it’s only once.  Or maybe twice.  She doesn’t count on falling for him.  He isn’t in Montana to stay.  He doesn’t want to be tied down to marriage and a couple of kids.  She really needs to look elsewhere.  But can she?  Will she?  Or will falling for the wounded man that Ice is, leave her single forever?

Andrea loves cowgirl books.  These boots with the little hearts are her favorite:



RELEASE date:  11/25/14    DELIGHTFUL




The Big Sky Pie Series:

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THE WEDDING NECKLACE has a new cover.  To celebrate it, I’m holding a giveaway on my facebook fan page.  Like the page and leave a comment letting me know what you think of the new cover.  I’ll choose one or more of the comments for one of my e-books.  Winners choice.  (If you’ve already liked the page, just let me know and leave a comment.)  Good luck.    



WeddingNecklaceKDP      Lyssa Carlyle is a jewelry designer intent on honoring her dying grandmother’s wish. The Purity, a one of a kind blue diamond necklace once belonged to Lyssa’s family and was to be given to her grandmother on her wedding day. But the necklace became the spoils in a poker game and since that day, no one in Lyssa’s family has had a lasting marriage.

But after Lyssa makes a copy of the necklace that could pass for the genuine Purity, someone dies and the faux necklace disappears. Lyssa will do whatever she must to retrieve her copy. . .including breaking into the house of Craig Rival, the dangerously sexy owner of The Wedding Necklace.
But what will Craig do to her?








Can you say: “Hat Trick?”  3 Big Sky Pie books are releasing within weeks of each other.  I’m beyond thrilled.  I haven’t had a paperback book on store shelves in over six years.  In my world, this is BIG folks.  As big as Big Sky Pie.

If you’re that reader who loves to hold an actual paper book in your hands, then you’ll be pleased to see that DELECTABLE, Big Sky Pie #1 where everything starts, is releasing in mass market paperback in stores everywhere.  Stores near you.  Stores near me.  Check in Walmart starting on May 27th.  That’s a Tuesday, in case you’re wondering.  It will also be available online in mass market editions at,, and all those other online bookstore places.

DELECTABLE is Callee and Quint’s book, and it’s where the pie shop came into being.  So come on in to Molly McCoy’s Big Sky Pie shop and meet Molly’s seriously hot, seriously messed-up son, and the woman who helps him set the kitchen ablaze.  And there’s a recipe for cherry pie and buttery pie crust in the book too.

If you’re that reader who is all caught up on Big Sky Pie via an e-reader edition, then you’ll be pleased to know that DECADENT, Big Sky Pie #4, is available on June 3rd.  Yep, that’s also a Tuesday.  This is Wade Reynolds and Roxy Nash story.  Roxy, Callee’s BFF, is freshly divorced.  She is looking for a fling or two, but not interested in falling in love. . .ever again.  Wade, shy and uptight, has been a widower for four years, but he’s ready to plunge into a new love, a serious love, a sweet love.  He’s not, however, prepared for the woman he can’t resist.  Roxy is as decadent as her chocolate meringue pies, and if he isn’t careful, he’s libel to get burned.

And finally, if you’re the reader who’s been dying to dig into the Big Sky Pie series, but has had to or preferred to wait for an actual paper book, well wait no more.  DELICIOUS, Big Sky Pie #2, will release on June 24th.  Yes, that would be another Tuesday.  Apparently Tuesday is release day for my publisher.  🙂

Nick is the devil himself.  Tall, dark, with dimples to die for, he is a walking, talking dessert.  One kiss with the heavenly pastry chef, Jane, has him dying to ignite the fiery passions he senses beneath her demure nature.   But Jane wants nothing to do with Nick.  Or does she?  Look for the blueberry pie recipe in this book.

Oh, and the books should be easy to spot at the stores.  They’re the ones with the mouthwatering pies on the covers.









Sort of like me and updating my blog posts.  The Seahawks won the Super Bowl and I have been wallowing in that awesome day–and the whole celebration afterward–ever since.   But now the team is restructuring and going about their plans for this coming season, and I must do the same.


Since I last caught up with you all, Big Sky Pie #3,  DELIGHTFUL released.  This is the third story  set in Kalispell, Montana in Molly McCoy’s pie shop.

This time around, Andrea Lovette is about to meet a man who is exactly what she isn’t looking          for, and yet, exactly what she can’t resist.  Ice Erikksen has locked his heart in ice.  No woman is  every going to lasso him.  But Andrea is unexpected, so hot she starts to make Ice melt.  But there is  no way they can make this romance work.  Ice is strictly a Malibu surfer dude, and Andrea is 100%    Montana cowgirl.

  This book is available in electronic for right now.   




   Ice is only in town to shoot a reality TV show in the pie shop, and between the chaos that filming causes, and the DELIGHTFUL caramel apple pie baking in the kitchen, you might want to sit down and dig  in.  I mean, check out this cover, doesn’t it just scream Springtime and Romance?  

The other great thing–I just finished Big Sky Pie #4, DECADENT.   I don’t have a cover to reveal yet, but let’s just say if you love chocolate. . .then you’re going to love this cover.  And hopefully the story too.

DECADENT  will release for all eReaders on June 3, 2014.  Just click on the title and you can reserve your copy now.  

DELECTABLE  ~  Big Sky Pie #1 will release in Mass Market Paperback on May 27, 2014

DELICIOUS   ~  Big Sky Pie #2  will release in Mass Market Paperback on June 24, 2014

NEXT UP–I’m writing a Romantic Mystery e-book series set in a town that is all about weddings.  More on that later.

OBSERVATION —  I discovered something writing this series over the past year and a half.   I don’t write a really fast rough draft, really fast.  I need to work out my story as I go along.  This is more time consuming than I could have imagined, but when I try to rush my convoluted/complicated muse, I end up spending twice as long to unscramble what I’ve gotten wrong.

I’ve had some serious low points trying to figure this out.  Deciding as I went along that I couldn’t tell a story,  couldn’t write.   That I had totally lost whatever talent I possessed before losing Kim.  Depression crept in during those times and that slowed me down too.

The reason I’ve been beating myself up about this, is that it seems the new thing is to write fast, the faster the better.  And while so many other writers do this, and do it well, I’m not one of them.  I have to write my stories as they come to me.  My process is my process.  And although it’s taken me a while to accept this, it is okay.   I just have to trust in my storytelling ability and know that the characters will lead me where I need to be, as long as I don’t keep kicking them to go faster.  🙂

Like so many things in life, trusting oneself is a good idea.


OMG, as I was writing this, I discovered the cover for DECADENT is up.  Someone forgot to send me a copy of the finished cover.  But here it is:

Yummy, yes?51JGjBaS2+L._AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-53,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_













WHAT A GAME IT WAS for the 12th Man/Woman of Seattle.

43 to 8.  A blowout!!!  The whole team played so well.  Love this team, from the coaches to every player.  They believed in themselves, and they kept their eye on the prize, and the Lombardi trophy will be home in Seattle.  The whole state is celebrating.  There will be a parade in Seattle on Wednesday.  This is something we’ve waited for many years, my friends.

For us, personally, this day marked the 5th anniversary of losing our Kim.  She was such a Seahawks fan.  She believed in them every year, even when they were losing more than winning.  She passed away wearing her Seahawks jersey.  We know that she was watching from Heaven today and contributed to the win, in her own way.  An angel on our side.  And now the Seahawks have given my family something to smile about on this day, since this win would have thrilled Kim as much as it has all of her loved ones.

Go Seahawks.  WIN SEAHAWKS.

And they did.  Boy, how they did.

Congratulations, Fellas.  This 12 is so proud of you.






Happy New Year!!!  2013 gave me a lot of wonderful moments.  The sale of my Big Sky Pie series, the release of two of the books in that series, DELECTABLE in September and DELICIOUS in December.  This was such an exciting time for me.  I hadn’t had any books released in a few years due to the illness and eventual loss of our eldest child.  It was a pretty tough time, but Kim wanted me to keep writing and so, when I could think again, I did just that.  I could feel her spirit with me at low points and with me cheering for the eventual sale of two series.

My husband had a few health issues, but came through still going strong.  Thank God.  But the end of 2013 dished up some awful sadness and a health scare for me.  Our beloved sister-in-law passed away unexpectedly from a long time illness that wasn’t diagnosed until the last few weeks of her life.  And then, immediately, I was having my own health scare that hung over us all through Christmas and New Year’s.  But I was lucky.  I’m not ill.  It was just a very scary scare.

And now, I’m looking forward to this year, knowing I need to take better care of myself, since this writing schedule has seen me sitting too much and eating whatever is at hand, and not getting up and moving about nearly enough.  I look like I’ve happily consumed at least one whole pie daily, of every flavor ever created in Molly McCoy’s Big Sky Pie shop.

Did you know that the characters in the Big Sky Pie series are Seattle Seahawks fans?  Yes, they are.  Just like me.  I’m a totally crazed, louder, screaming 12th Man/Woman Seahawks fan.  That’s my team.  I’m not into basketball, or baseball, or soccer, or hockey, but I can’t wait for football season.  Not sure how the playoffs will play out.  Not sure if my Seahawks will end up going to the Super Bowl.  But this is a great team, an exciting team, and they are giving me something to smile about right now as I deal with the loss of my SIL and deadlines still coming fast and furious.


I wish you a new year full of things that make your heart happy.  Like books.  And a GREAT football team.  GO SEAHAWKS!!!