Jack B Smart Series


JACQUELINE BOUVIÉR SMART has sworn off men and murder. But when she stumbles over a dead body and into the arms of her irresistible former lover, and then gets her best friend accused of murder, she has no choice. Jack B Smart pulls on her big girl stilettos and, with the unsolicited help of three gun packing old broads and one disgruntled ghost, sets out to find the real killer. But will the killer find her first?

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cover-skinnyjackfinalTHE SKINNY ON JACK

Inheriting shares in a weight loss company shouldn’t lead to bombs going off and your car getting blown up. Should it? Jacqueline Bouviér Smart doesn’t think so. Nor does Jack B trust on again, off again beau, Seattle Police Detective Stone Maddox to catch the culprits.

When she starts to investigate, she discovers that not only are pounds disappearing, several of the diet center’s clients have also disappeared. Before she can figure out what’s going on, her aunt vanishes. Then Stone gets involved, and his brother Duke, and three gun-totin’ grannies, and even her deceased ex. Before Jack B knows what hit her, she’s up to her favorite hoop earrings in chocolate and men and murder. Again.

Coming December 2016