weddingnecklacekdpThe Wedding Necklace

Lyssa Carlyle is a jewelry designer intent on honoring her dying grandmother wish. The Purity, a one of a kind blue diamond necklace once belonged to Lyssa’s family and was to be given to her grandmother on her wedding day. But the necklace became the spoils in a poker game and since that day, no one in Lyssa’s family has had a lasting marriage.

But after Lyssa makes a copy of the necklace that could pass for the genuine Purity, someone dies and the faux necklace disappears. Lyssa will do whatever she must to retrieve her copy. . .including breaking into the house of Craig Rival, the dangerously sexy owner of The Wedding Necklace.
But what will Craig do to her? Kindle   Nook iBooks

endlessfear2-2Endless Fear

For twelve long years, April Farraday has struggled to recall what happened the night of her mother’s fatal fall down a flight of stairs. Did she push her mother to her death? If she is ever to be free to spend her life with the man she loves, April must return to scene of the crime and confront her forgotten past.

But there are those at Calendar House who also fear the return of April’s memory, including the man she loves, and they will do anything to keep the truth from coming out. Including committing another murder.   Kindle   KDP



hisonlydesirekdp1800x2880His Only Desire

Her only hope. For Desire Hamilton, the mysterious death of her twin sister had left too many questions unanswered. . .and one obsessed stalker intent on claiming her as his own. Scared and alone, Desire had no place to turn–until her old flame, homicide cop Nick Rossetti, offered her a place in his protective embrace…

She was the only woman he’d ever loved—and the one he could never have. Now, regardless of their past, Nick would do whatever it took to keep Desire safe. . .even if it meant putting himself in the line of fire. But how could he protect the fragile beauty when all he wanted to do was make her His Only Desire.

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