Sort of like me and updating my blog posts.  The Seahawks won the Super Bowl and I have been wallowing in that awesome day–and the whole celebration afterward–ever since.   But now the team is restructuring and going about their plans for this coming season, and I must do the same.


Since I last caught up with you all, Big Sky Pie #3,  DELIGHTFUL released.  This is the third story  set in Kalispell, Montana in Molly McCoy’s pie shop.

This time around, Andrea Lovette is about to meet a man who is exactly what she isn’t looking          for, and yet, exactly what she can’t resist.  Ice Erikksen has locked his heart in ice.  No woman is  every going to lasso him.  But Andrea is unexpected, so hot she starts to make Ice melt.  But there is  no way they can make this romance work.  Ice is strictly a Malibu surfer dude, and Andrea is 100%    Montana cowgirl.

  This book is available in electronic for right now.   




   Ice is only in town to shoot a reality TV show in the pie shop, and between the chaos that filming causes, and the DELIGHTFUL caramel apple pie baking in the kitchen, you might want to sit down and dig  in.  I mean, check out this cover, doesn’t it just scream Springtime and Romance?  

The other great thing–I just finished Big Sky Pie #4, DECADENT.   I don’t have a cover to reveal yet, but let’s just say if you love chocolate. . .then you’re going to love this cover.  And hopefully the story too.

DECADENT  will release for all eReaders on June 3, 2014.  Just click on the title and you can reserve your copy now.  

DELECTABLE  ~  Big Sky Pie #1 will release in Mass Market Paperback on May 27, 2014

DELICIOUS   ~  Big Sky Pie #2  will release in Mass Market Paperback on June 24, 2014

NEXT UP–I’m writing a Romantic Mystery e-book series set in a town that is all about weddings.  More on that later.

OBSERVATION —  I discovered something writing this series over the past year and a half.   I don’t write a really fast rough draft, really fast.  I need to work out my story as I go along.  This is more time consuming than I could have imagined, but when I try to rush my convoluted/complicated muse, I end up spending twice as long to unscramble what I’ve gotten wrong.

I’ve had some serious low points trying to figure this out.  Deciding as I went along that I couldn’t tell a story,  couldn’t write.   That I had totally lost whatever talent I possessed before losing Kim.  Depression crept in during those times and that slowed me down too.

The reason I’ve been beating myself up about this, is that it seems the new thing is to write fast, the faster the better.  And while so many other writers do this, and do it well, I’m not one of them.  I have to write my stories as they come to me.  My process is my process.  And although it’s taken me a while to accept this, it is okay.   I just have to trust in my storytelling ability and know that the characters will lead me where I need to be, as long as I don’t keep kicking them to go faster.  :)

Like so many things in life, trusting oneself is a good idea.


OMG, as I was writing this, I discovered the cover for DECADENT is up.  Someone forgot to send me a copy of the finished cover.  But here it is:

Yummy, yes?51JGjBaS2+L._AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-53,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_












WHAT A GAME IT WAS for the 12th Man/Woman of Seattle.

43 to 8.  A blowout!!!  The whole team played so well.  Love this team, from the coaches to every player.  They believed in themselves, and they kept their eye on the prize, and the Lombardi trophy will be home in Seattle.  The whole state is celebrating.  There will be a parade in Seattle on Wednesday.  This is something we’ve waited for many years, my friends.

For us, personally, this day marked the 5th anniversary of losing our Kim.  She was such a Seahawks fan.  She believed in them every year, even when they were losing more than winning.  She passed away wearing her Seahawks jersey.  We know that she was watching from Heaven today and contributed to the win, in her own way.  An angel on our side.  And now the Seahawks have given my family something to smile about on this day, since this win would have thrilled Kim as much as it has all of her loved ones.

Go Seahawks.  WIN SEAHAWKS.

And they did.  Boy, how they did.

Congratulations, Fellas.  This 12 is so proud of you.





Happy New Year!!!  2013 gave me a lot of wonderful moments.  The sale of my Big Sky Pie series, the release of two of the books in that series, DELECTABLE in September and DELICIOUS in December.  This was such an exciting time for me.  I hadn’t had any books released in a few years due to the illness and eventual loss of our eldest child.  It was a pretty tough time, but Kim wanted me to keep writing and so, when I could think again, I did just that.  I could feel her spirit with me at low points and with me cheering for the eventual sale of two series.

My husband had a few health issues, but came through still going strong.  Thank God.  But the end of 2013 dished up some awful sadness and a health scare for me.  Our beloved sister-in-law passed away unexpectedly from a long time illness that wasn’t diagnosed until the last few weeks of her life.  And then, immediately, I was having my own health scare that hung over us all through Christmas and New Year’s.  But I was lucky.  I’m not ill.  It was just a very scary scare.

And now, I’m looking forward to this year, knowing I need to take better care of myself, since this writing schedule has seen me sitting too much and eating whatever is at hand, and not getting up and moving about nearly enough.  I look like I’ve happily consumed at least one whole pie daily, of every flavor ever created in Molly McCoy’s Big Sky Pie shop.

Did you know that the characters in the Big Sky Pie series are Seattle Seahawks fans?  Yes, they are.  Just like me.  I’m a totally crazed, louder, screaming 12th Man/Woman Seahawks fan.  That’s my team.  I’m not into basketball, or baseball, or soccer, or hockey, but I can’t wait for football season.  Not sure how the playoffs will play out.  Not sure if my Seahawks will end up going to the Super Bowl.  But this is a great team, an exciting team, and they are giving me something to smile about right now as I deal with the loss of my SIL and deadlines still coming fast and furious.


I wish you a new year full of things that make your heart happy.  Like books.  And a GREAT football team.  GO SEAHAWKS!!!







Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Everyone.

Hope you’re fortunate enough to have family or friends to celebrate with,

and that your heart is full of joy, love, and good spirits.   christmas flowers (1)


Okay, special giveaway!!!  Don’t miss out!!!

I am gifting a copy of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK


You Don't Know Jack











To the first 5 people who send me proof of purchase for DELICIOUS.Delicious by Adrianne Lee


These are some of the links to DELICIOUS:

iBooks: http://tinyurl.com/mvrnx89

Nook: http://tinyurl.com/kv4ttq9

Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/k9gdugg

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Upcoming Appearances ~ Blog Tour

Starting this Tuesday, I’ll be doing something new and fun to celebrate the release of Big Sky Pie #2   DELICIOUS.   My first ever Blog Tour!!!  It’s officially called the DELICIOUS TEMPTATION Blog Tour.  I won’t be writing a lot of blog posts, but will be posting 5 fun facts about my Montana pie shop series and about me.  These are things you may not know.  And there is also an interview with some really great questions.  Please take a few minutes to follow my tour and post a comment if you like.  Come help me celebrate this release.   Thanks, Adrianne

Here is the schedule:

http://www.thewindowseat13.com/ - 12/10- excerpts/spotlight

http://tometender.blogspot.com/ - 12/11 – Top 5 List

http://www.fabfantasyfiction.com/ - 12/11 – Top 5 List

www.stitchreadcook.com- 12/12- Q&A coming

http://delugedwithbooks-caffeineaddicts.blogspot.com/ - 12/13 Top 5 List

http://tiffanytalksbooks.com/ - 12/14- Q&A

http://www.bookreviewsandmorebykathy.com/ - 12/15 – Top 5 List

http://miscellaneousthoughtsofabookaholic.blogspot.com/12/16 – Top 5 List


Since it’s the season, I thought I’d share one of my family’s traditional holiday favorites.  If you’ve read DELECTABLE or DELICIOUS you’ll find mention of this pie in those books, but not the recipe.  This pie recipe came from my mother-law, and was my husband’s family tradition.  I quickly adopted it.  Cottage Cheese pie.  I know.  Sounds horrible, huh?  But let me assure you.  If you love custard pie, you will likely really love this pie.  It’s similar in texture, but is a bit sweeter, and not only great as a dessert, but some times during the holidays, it’s even good for breakfast.  It’s known as a comfort food.

In a Blender:

1 Pint of Cottage Cheese (I use 2%)

1 Cup Sugar

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

1 Teaspoon Vanilla

Dash of Salt


Mix thoroughly, then add:

2 Eggs

1 Can of Evaporated Milk

Yields:  1  -  9” pie   (This mixture will fill 1 and a half pie shells.  So, there might be some waste.  For 4 pies, I use 3 times the listed ingredients.)

Pour the mixture into unbaked pie shells.

Bake @ 400 ͦ   for 15 to 20 minutes

Reduce the heat to 375 ͦ  and continue baking until done, approximately 40 minutes.

Keep in refrigerator after cooling.  Serve with Cool Whip or Whipped Cream

Launch Party!

Welcome, welcome to my newly updated webpage!!!

Since I’m now writing Contemporary Romance as well as Romantic Suspense, the old site wasn’t keeping up with me.  It was originally geared to what I thought I’d be writing when my webmistress developed the concept.  That was a cozy mysteries.  I wanted the site to reflect the Jack B Smart mystery series I was writing.  Book #1 in that series, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, introduces you to my heroine, Jack B Smart, a struggling mystery writer who ends up in an actual murder mystery that only she can solve. This whodunit is packed with humor and suspense.

I was just starting chapter 4 of Jack B Smart #2, THE SKINNY ON JACK B, a story based about how not to diet, while avoiding murder, and also packed with humor and suspense, when I sold six other books.  Two different contemporary romance series.  The deadlines for the new series are really close and have kept me too busy this past year to get back into the mystery series.  But one day soon, I promise, to have a second Jack B Smart book on the shelves.

The first of the new contemporary romance series takes place in Molly McCoy’s pie shop, Big Sky Pie, in Kalispell, Montana, a town near Glacier National Park.  I have long had a love affair with Montana.  The state is simply gorgeous, the air so clean it will make you high, sexy cowboys everywhere, and some of the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet.  Add in a variety of fresh-from-the-oven pies and that’s a recipe for a scrumptious read.

Meanwhile, DELECTABLE, book #1 of the Big Sky Pie novels released in e-book format this past Sept, and DELICIOUS, book #2 will release in Dec.  These will both be available in paperback this coming summer.  I’ve just finished DELIGHTFUL #3 and am starting DELECTABLE #4.   I’ll have more to share another time on the second new series, but will tell you it’s about weddings.

Please peruse the new site and let me know what you think.

And come back often to keep up with me.

Delicious by Adrianne Lee

Delicious Available Now!


A Big Sky Pie Novel by Adrianne Lee

Workaholic Nick Taziano is the proud owner of a successful marketing company in Montana. But his career takes a backseat when he learns his dad plans to remarry his ex. Nick fears she’ll break his heart . . . again. And he doesn’t like being reunited with her obnoxious daughter-until the all-grown-up beauty kisses him at the engagement party. The kiss might be a mistake, but once he tastes Jane’s lips, nothing-not even her famous blueberry pie-compares. A promising chef at Big Sky Pie, Jane Wilson never, ever wanted to see Nick Taziano again, but he’s just been hired to do the pie shop’s marketing. How’s a girl supposed to bake the best pastries in town when he’s a constant reminder of their steamy chemistry? His chocolate eyes and sexy dimples heat up the kitchen-and every part of her body. Jane has no room for a man in her life, yet sometimes the most delicious dishes don’t follow the recipe . . . ORDERING INFORMATION