Welcome to author Adrianne Lee’s website.

ADRIANNE LEE writes cozy mysteries laced with romance and humor, sexy whodunits, and contemporary romances. Her books have been published worldwide. She currently has three on-going series.

The Jack B Smart mystery series features Jacqueline Bouviér Smart, Jack B to friends and family. This kooky blonde doesn’t look anything like the former First Lady. Instead, think Dolly Parton—if Dolly were tall and sang off-key. Jack B is an aspiring author who does a bit of amateur sleuthing, dog watching, and bookkeeping to help pay the bills. Her biggest flaw is falling for guys who are bad for her, a defect that invariably gets her in hot water up to her hoop earrings. To make matters worse, she’s receiving threatening phone calls from an unknown source, a trio of gun-toting old biddies have appointed themselves her assistant PIs, and the ghost of her dead ex can’t move on to his final reward because he has unfinished business with her. If only her life were simple. If only she didn’t attract murder like she does the two sexy brothers vying to win her heart.

Welcome to Weddingville, Washington. This small, seaside town on Puget Sound caters to couples planning their weddings. Every shop—from Blessings Bridal to Cold Feet Café to Pre-Wedding Jitters—is geared toward that special day. Colorful and heartwarming characters live here, including the two heroines, Daryl Anne Blessing and her best girlfriend, Meg Reilly. They’ve returned to their hometown to start over, but end up with more than they bargained for, including an old and a new romance, ghosts from the past, and their lives in danger. In this humorous, cozy romantic mystery series, weddings can be murder.

If contemporary romance is your slice of pie, then step into Molly McCoy’s Big Sky Pie shop in Kalispell, Montana. This romance series will tantalize your taste buds until your mouth is watering and you’re craving more of the sweet and sexy, hot and sizzling love stories. Delectable, delicious, delightful, and decadent pie recipes are included with each book.

Adrianne Lee is a lifelong resident of Washington State and currently lives in beautiful Eastern Washington with her high school sweetheart and their rescue cat. However, Adrianne has had a long-time love affair going on with Montana and would move there in a heartbeat if not for the cold, cold winters. Hobbies include hot rodding, reading, and football. That’s right. Don’t try to tell her the SEAHAWKS aren’t the best football team ever or she might have to kill you off in a book.